General Queries

Q. What is a product slider?
Ans: Slider helps display your eCommerce site’s products in the most appealing way to the users. It allows displaying multiple products as a carousel on the product page or in other ways. This way, your customers can browse all your products more quickly and conveniently.

Q. How do I add a product slider in WooCommerce?
Ans: Simply install and activate the WooCommerce Product Slider Carousel with the Category plugin from your WordPress dashboard. Once the plugin is activated, you’ll see the “Product Slider” button on your WordPress admin panel.

Click on it and navigate to the Setting option. Then, select your product slider for either related product, or cross-sell, up-sell, and gallery. Then save your changes, and it’s done.

Q. How do I display a WooCommerce product in a slider?
Ans: Go to your WordPress dashboard > Product Slider > and click the “Add New” menu, select your specific products, and make changes in other settings if needed. Then, click on publish, and you will get a Shortcode. Generator Settings panel. Lastly, simply copy the shortcode, insert it into any page or post, and it’s done.

Q. How do I edit Woo product in Carousel?
Ans: Choose “product slider” from your WordPress dashboard and select settings. You’ll get several options to edit your product carousel view from this page.

For example, show/hide section title, setting section title test, setting taxonomy to show the product, slider autoplay, typography, gallery settings, and many more. You just need to change the setting option to edit the view as you want and click on the Save button.

Q. How do I show single WooCommerce products in WordPress?
Ans: Start by navigating to your WordPress dashboard > Product Slider > and click the Setting option. From the related page navigate to “Slide Per View” and change the number by 1. This way, you can have 1 single slider per view.

Q. How do I use the shortcode slider in WordPress?
Ans: Just like before, choose the Product Slider from the WordPress dashboard and click on the “Add New” menu. After choosing the products, making changes in settings, click on publish, and you will get a Shortcode. Copy the shortcode, go to pages > Add New > from the new page, click the (+) button, and select shortcode block. Paste the shortcode into the box, make the post publish, and it’s done.

Q. How can I get support if the plugin is not working?
Ans: If something is not working as it should, or this plugin causes any issues, first follow the steps:

  • Test this plugin using the WordPress default theme. This way, you can ensure that your currently used themes do not cause the error.
  • Deactivate all your currently using plugins and check if the problem is still occurring.
    If none of these actions helps you solve the problem, you can submit a ticket on our support page and describe your difficulty accurately. Don’t forget to specify the WordPress and plugin versions you are using and any other information that might help us solve your problem as quickly as possible.

Q. Can I get a custom Features for my site?
Ans: Yes! Definitely. You can contact us here to get a custom feature. We’ll reply to you ASAP.

Q. How do you accept payments?
Ans: We accept payments via International credit cards and PayPal. Also, you can reach out via our Contact Support Page for further clarification.

Q. Is there a Refund Policy? Tell me more.
Ans: We are committed to offering the best possible experience via our Editorial WordPress Review System plugin. Still, if you are unhappy with it, we have a 14-Day refund policy for you.