10 Customer Reviews for Woocommerce Plugin 2022

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Do you have an eCommerce store?

If yes, then you might know the importance of customer reviews for your products. Well, customer reviews have a huge impact on new potential customers who are looking to buy products from your eCommerce store.

But, the fact is, getting customer reviews or encouraging the customers to submit their reviews is not that easy. In that case, to help you get more customer reviews and showcase them on your site, WooCommerce customer review plugins come into play.

So, if you are looking for a customer review plugin for your store, here are the top 10 customer reviews for WooCommerce plugin that I have listed for you all. So, keep on reading to learn in detail.

How Important Are Customer Reviews in Ecommerce?

Before rushing to see the plugin list, it’s crucial for you to understand why customer reviews are necessary. So, think about the last thing you bought. Did you see any reviews before making that purchase? Most probably, the answer would be yes, you did.

And that’s actually the point. When we are thinking about buying something, we research first. And when we research, seeing customer reviews plays one of the major roles.

However, it’s not just about you and me. There are several studies that will prove that maximum people prioritize customer reviews. For example-

  • It has been stated that before making any purchase, about 70% of customers consider reading customer reviews.
  • Also, 90% of customers’ buying decisions completely depend on online customer reviews.
  • Furthermore, 79% of customers revealed that they trust online reviews more than personal recommendations.How Important Are Customer Reviews in Ecommerce
  • According to Podium, 93% of consumers stated that online reviews help them make their purchase decisions. The same study found that a 3.3 customer rating is the minimum star rating of a business that consumers consider engaging with.
  • Almost 86% of consumers read up to 10 reviews.

So far, I’ve only talked about the statistics; now, let’s see how customer reviews affect your eCommerce business. As per Reevo, when interacting with bad reviews, customers spend more than five times on a site, and it is found to improve the conversion rate by 85% more often.

This means a mixture of both good and bad reviews makes your eCommerce site trustworthy. Now, in terms of SEO, customer reviews offer great benefits for the SEO performance of your eCommerce site as well as user engagement. Let’s see how-

  • Reviews offer social proof and help to build brand awareness.
  • Customer ratings and reviews can ultimately lead to increased sales.
  • Improve customer engagement with the business.
  • Builds customer loyalty and trust.
  • Boosting your SEO, reviews help your business to get more visibility.
  • Increase traffic and conversion rate through SEO.
  • Allows you to highlight positive reviews with PR and influencer campaigns.
  • Providing useful feedback about your products, customer reviews can influence new buyers to purchase from your business.

How Do I Enable Reviews in WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is the official plugin that helps to build an eCommerce site in wordpress. This plugin comes in a review feature which is pretty straightforward to set up.

  • Login to your WordPress site.
  • Go to WooCommerce plugin from your dashboard.
  • Select settings and scroll down to the review section.
  • From here, select or put a tick mark on the boxes you need to enable.
  • Lastly, save the changes.

Once done, you will see the WooCommerce reviews tab appearing on your product pages. But, here is a thing, the WooCommerce plugin doesn’t include all the advanced features that you will require to make the most out of your eCommerce site.

In this case, you will need to use other powerful customer review plugins to make your WooCommerce store more useful and boost your sales. Keeping that in mind, let’s move to the next section.

10 Customer Reviews for Woocommerce Plugin 2022

10 Customer Reviews for Woocommerce PluginIn this section, I will present a list of customer review plugins that will help you to extend the features of your WooCommerce plugin. So, here are the best 10 customer reviews for WooCommerce plugin.

  1. WordPress Review Plugin For Editor & Customers
  2. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce
  3. ReviewX – Multi-criteria Rating & Reviews for WooCommerce
  4. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce by Trustindex
  5. Product Reviews for WooCommerce
  6. Ultimate Reviews
  7. Wiremo
  8. Rating-Widget: Star Review System
  9. WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro
  10. Judge.me

Here I have described all the plugins with their benefits, features, and pricing. So, let’s dive in to get a better insight.

1. WordPress Review Plugin For Editor & Customers

best Customer Reviews for Woocommerce Plugin - WordPress Review Plugin For Editor & CustomersOne of the toughest parts of any WooCommerce store owner is to get reviews from the customers for their products. In that case, the WordPress Review Plugin For Editor & Customers can help you to get reviews from your customers and make them display on your site.

It is an awesome WooCommerce customer review plugin that comes with some powerful and modern review features. You can easily manage all the customer reviews from one single dashboard. With its fully-featured customization options, you can create your website’s product review and service page as you want.

With this plugin, you can have the most user-friendly, SEO-friendly, yet easy-to-use WooCommerce customer review plugin for your site. Besides that, if you are looking for an all in all plugin to add your own product review and customer review as well, this one is definitely for you.

Key Features of WordPress Review Plugin For Editor & Customers

  • Customers can rate a product for multiple criteria.
  • Also, it allows customers to add images and their self-made videos along with the reviews.
  • Gives advanced sorting and filtering options.
  • Users can give thumbs up or thumbs down to others’ reviews.
  • Compatible with all the latest WordPress themes.
  • Before customer reviews are displayed on your site, they require approval.
  • Schema enabled to help your site get rich snippets in the SERP.

Pricing Packages

The WordPress Review Plugin For Editor & Customer is a free plugin. That means you can get all the above features absolutely free. However, the premium version of this plugin offers some additional features and benefits. So, if you want to access all these, you can subscribe to any of the following packages.

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Agency

2. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce - Customer Reviews Plugin for WoocommerceIt is an awesome plugin that is designed with an automated and personalized email reminder system. Whenever a customer makes a purchase from your store, after a while, this plugin will send a notification or reminder to that customer to share a review.

With this feature, you can empower your website’s customer reviewing process and make it much more convenient. Similarly, with this WooCommerce star rating plugin, you can effectively improve your customer engagement, build customer loyalty, and interaction.

Best of all, you can even verify whether the reviews are coming from actual buyers or not. This plugin is integrated with an external service to verify the customer’s authenticity and ensure having a trust badge next to the real customer’s name who actually purchased the products from you.

Key Features of Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

  • Automated or manual email invitation.
  • Aggregate review form to make sure quick and easy reviewing.
  • Allows users to add ratings and images with the reviews.
  • You can sort the reviews by date or votes.
  • Allows offering a discount using this plugin in exchange for reviews.
  • Import and export reviews from oyster platforms.
  • Automated schema markup enabled for rich snippets.
  • Customers can directly ask questions and view other customers’ questions in the Q&A section of the product page.

Pricing Packages

You can use this feature-rich and amazing plugin absolutely free. However, if you need something more, it offers a Pro version with two different packages, for example-

  • Monthly — $7.99 + VAT per month
  • Annual — $49.99 + VAT billed annually

3. ReviewX – Multi-criteria Rating & Reviews for WooCommerce

ReviewX – Multi-criteria Rating & Reviews for WooCommerceThis plugin has the power of multi-criteria customer review for WooCommerce products that helps you boost your sales. You can effectively add credibility and improve conversion rates of your WooCommerce store with this plugin’s instant customer rating and multi-criteria reviews.

With the help of this amazing plugin, you can accelerate your sales by capturing compelling and rich customer content in the form of reviews, ratings, images & videos, scoring options, and more.

Best of all, this plugin includes a dedicated panel to manage all the WooCommerce reviews, which helps you to use the advanced options, filter, and sort the reviews.

Key Features of ReviewX

  • Work with any standard WordPress theme.
  • Make your products more transparent, creating multiple review criteria.
  • Sends email notifications to customers to remind them to give reviews.
  • You can sort customer reviews and ratings based on recent reviews, photo reviews, text reviews, or top-rated reviews.
  • Customers can upload real product images to make the review more credible.
  • You can manage the order status of reviews.
  • Schema enabled.
  • Offers a verified badge to identify the authentic customers.

Pricing Packages

The best part is, being such a feature-rich plugin, it is absolutely free to use. In fact, its pro version has much more advanced features than the free version for you. So, let’s have a look at the packages and their cost.

  • Individual — $48.3
  • Small Business — $104.3
  • Agency (Lifetime) — $209.3
  • WPDeveloper Agency Bundle Lifetime — $639

4. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce by Trustindex

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce by TrustindexThis WooCommerce customer review plugin works a bit differently from the other plugins in my list. Instead of offering review forms on your WooCommerce site, it collects customer reviews from your online store and displays them as testimonials to your WordPress site.

This way, you can see a gradual improvement in your online sales revenue. You will find this plugin really easy to use, as setting it up is a matter of minutes. It allows you to access everything that you need to display your customer’s review for your WooCommerce products.

If you are a small business or entrepreneur and want to expand your online business and boost your sales, this plugin can help you out.

Key Features of Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

  • Sends automatic review invitations to customers who make transactions with you.
  • New customers can see the older customers’ reviews from the product review summary page.
  • Offers a discount to customers to give a review, which they can utilize for their next purchase.
  • Provides trust badges to the customers who purchase your products.
  • Supports different languages.

Pricing Packages

This plugin is free to download with limited facilities and features. However, you can subscribe to the pro versions to access all the beneficial features of the Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin. Now, let’s see the pricing of its packages.

  • Single (1-year subscription and updates for 1 website): $65
  • Pro (1-year subscription and updates for 5 websites): $125
  • Ultimate (1-year subscription and updates for unlimited websites): $349.

5. Product Reviews for WooCommerce Pro

Product Reviews for WooCommerce ProAs the name implies, it is a premium plugin that helps to improve your eCommerce stores’ review and rating areas. You can even make your product or service page’s review and rating section much more engaging and manageable than before using it.

Using this plugin, you can collect customer reviews in two ways,

  • Review form on the Product Page or
  • Through a Pop-up form.

If you want, you can send automatic or manual reminders to those customers who forget to submit a review after purchasing products. You can restrict specific user roles from reviewing your products.

Key Features of Product Reviews for WooCommerce

  • Show reviews only on approval.
  • Integrated with Twilio to send SMS reminders to the customers.
  • Offers an exclusive coupon to those customers who review the specific product for the first time.
  • Allows customers to upvote or downvote others’ reviews.
  • Collects ratings for specific product attributes.
  • On the basis of attributes, customers can filter the reviews.
  • Compatible with advanced custom field plugin and WPML.
  • Display reviews in a list, grid, or slider using shortcodes.

Pricing Packages

This premium plugin comes in 3 different plans for its clients. You can select the perfect plan according to the number of sites you have.

  • 1 site plan: $69.00
  • 5 site plan: $199.00
  • 10 site plan: $449.00

6. Ultimate Reviews

Ultimate Reviews - best Customer Reviews for Woocommerce PluginUltimate Reviews by Etoile Web Design is a premium review plugin. This plugin enables your WooCommerce site to display review forms to let the customers leave feedback, ratings, and reviews of your products. You can display reviews using its included Gutenberg blocks and shortcodes.

It is really easy to use this plugin, as it has no complex settings and structure. In fact, you can customize the colors, elements, texts, and other design aspects as you want using its various styling options. Apart from this, with the ultimate reviews plugin, you can add your own CSS options also.

You can make your review section more meaningful by allowing your users to upload videos with the review. Also, you can flag customer reviews as inappropriate to define them better.

Key Features of Ultimate Reviews

  • Integrated with the Ultimate Product Catalog plugin to restrict customer reviews to only products.
  • Adds custom fields to your review form.
  • Provides multiple rating fields so that customers can rate different elements of a product or service.
  • Allows managing and moderating all reviews and selecting which ones to display on your site.
  • Customers can upload images, videos, and give comments while submitting a product review.
  • There are options to display the date and author of the review.
  • Schema microdata enabled.

Pricing Packages

This premium Ultimate Reviews plugin lets you access all its advanced features and benefits with its three different packages. The packages are-

  • $47 for a single site,
  • $127 for 5 sites, and
  • $197 for 10 sites.

7. Wiremo – Product Reviews for WooCommerce

Wiremo - Product Reviews for WooCommerceOne of the best WooCommerce plugins that aim to help WooCommerce marketers to improve their products and services through customer reviews. With this, you can add a fully customized review section to your WooCommerce site.

In fact, when your customer leaves a review, you can add showing a pop-up with any of the following messages you want-

  • Offer a promo code to up-sell your other products.
  • Simply say “Thank you!”.
  • Placing custom buttons in your pop-up form to redirect them to other products pages.

However, the specialty of this plugin is, if your customer leaves a negative review, you can send an email by asking what you are doing wrong.

Key Features of TWB WooCommerce Review

  • Sends email or on-landing review requests to customers automatically after purchase.
  • Allows you to respond to your reviewers in public to show you care.
  • Includes 12 carousel designs, which help to show the reviews just like you want.
  • Helps in customizing and adjusting each element in the review carousel.
  • Add rich snippets to your product page.
  • Also, provides a special icon or badge to show that the reviews were written by real buyers.
  • Share your reviews to social media pages directly from the widget, or ask your customer to share their own reviews.

Pricing Packages

This plugin is free to use. But it also has a pro version with additional features. So, if you want to use those additional features and make the most out of them, here are the plans that you need to know-

  • Essential: $19.99/mo ($16.99/mo* annually)
  • Professional: $49.99/mo ($42.49/mo* annually)
  • Premium: $200+/mo ($170+/mo* annually)

8. Rating-Widget: Star Review System

Rating-Widget Star Review SystemThe better quality products come in better customer ratings. And the Rating-Widget: Star Review System plugin helps you to create a 5-star rating system for your WooCommerce products. You can integrate a front-end and beautiful star rating voting system for your customers simply using this plugin.

This plugin is extremely easy to use; you don’t even require any configurations. You can simply offer a user-friendly rating option for your customers in your posts, pages, WooCommerce store, comments, etc. using this plugin.

Key Features of Rating-Widget: Star Review System

  • Offers unlimited star and thumbs rating options.
  • GRPR rated, schema integrated, and API access.
  • Allows unlimited multi-criteria ratings.
  • Once a visitor votes, a pop-up bubble with a recommendation to draw to another piece of content on your site immediately.
  • Allows analyzing rating data, trends, monitoring rating activity, and moderating visitors’ votes with its advanced analytics.

Pricing Packages

It has both free and premium versions. Though the free version is feature-rich and highly customizable, you can access even more features with its premium version. The premium version comes in three different plans, with monthly, annual, and lifetime packages. The plans are-

  • Starter
  • Professional, and
  • Business

9. WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro - Customer Reviews for Woocommerce PluginIf you want to supercharge your product reviews by adding Amazon-style reviews and filtering in your WooCommerce store with more advanced features and review options, this plugin is for you.

Using this plugin, you can make your customers capable of adding images, videos, and review qualifiers as a part of a product review. The best part is, your customers can sort and filter the reviews, and you can select to show the recent or most helpful contributors first.

Key Features of WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro

  • Enable discussion contributions like questions, standalone photos, and standalone videos along with comments.
  • Offers upvoting and downvoting to make the reviews more helpful.
  • You can add badges to the admin or employee responses to represent them as “official.”
  • Customers can update their existing reviews instead of adding a new one.
  • Compatible with social login buttons and structured data markup.
  • Allows filtering by ratings.

Pricing Packages

The WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro is a premium plugin that comes at $79 only with a 30-days money-back guarantee.

10. Judge.me Product Reviews for WooCommerce

Judge.me Product Reviews for WooCommerceJudge.me is a free yet perfect plugin to generate reviews on Autopilot. You can get reviews from your customers conveniently from their inboxes. Using it, you can easily create high-quality user content, including image reviews, review answers, custom forms, Q&A, verified badges, etc.

Apart from this, it will help you to boost your organic traffic using its automatic schema markup to get rich snippets. You will also get multiple widget themes to choose from and get the best-suited styles, tastes, and businesses.

In fact, if you want, you can import reviews directly from other platforms like Yotpo, Shopify, Stamped.io, Loox, Ryviu, Kudobuzz, and more. If required, you can feature selected reviews on your front page.

Key Features of Judge.me

  • After the fulfillment of an order, it schedules review requests.
  • Send email reminders to those customers who forgot to leave a review.
  • You can send static or dynamic coupons automatically to your reviewers.
  • Disable review requests for certain products or customers.
  • Allows connecting the Facebook page to display your reviews via Social Push.
  • Let users take a look at all your reviews from any page
  • Showcase all your reviews on one page.
  • Helps in preserving your brand by using the fonts, styles, and colors as defined by your shop theme.

Pricing Packages

The best thing is you will get all these features free of cost using this plugin.  This plugin has another Awesome package,  at $15/month, which includes all additional features that you will need to make your customer review page more useful.

What Are the Best WooCommerce Review Plugins?

The truth is, customer reviews can actually make or break an eCommerce store. It doesn’t matter if your WooCommerce store is small or big; customer review is one of the most crucial parts to help your product sales, improve your brand loyalty, and engage more customers.

If you are looking for a free yet powerful plugin, I’ll recommend the WordPress Review Plugin For Editor & Customers plugin. On the other side, to get a more feature-rich plugin, you can use the Ultimate Reviews premium plugin.

So this is it. We hope this list of 10 customer reviews for WooCommerce plugin 2022 helped you in finding the best plugins for your WooCommerce store.

Let us know if you have tried any of these WooCommerce review plugins we’ve listed above or others? Feel free to share your experience or queries with us in the comments section below.

NazmulTechnical SEO Analyst at - GiantMarketers

I'm Nazmul. I work as a Technical SEO Analyst at Giant Marketers, helping clients with all things related to technical SEO and the latest developments in search. My interest in the technical side of SEO was sparked early on in my digital marketing career, and has increased with each project I've worked on - both agency-side and now within SEO Tools.

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