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According to studies, today, almost every buyer considers seeing product reviews, customer reviews, and ratings before buying any products online. In fact, reviews and ratings are one kind of social proof of your site.

This means that online reviews are really effective when it comes to influencing the buyer’s decision. In this case, WordPress review plugins come in handy to help you add product reviews as well as get customer reviews and ratings to your website without requiring any sort of coding.

So, if you are looking for the best review plugin which can help both the editor and customer review a product, this is the guide for you. In this guide, I will discuss the 10 best WordPress review plugin for editor & customer, which improve your website performance and give the reviews an eye-catching look as well.

What Is Review Plugin Used For?

Before I get into the discussion, a few things need to be discussed to understand how the review plugin works. So, let me clear this with an example. You may have heard about a book called “The First Days”.

So, when people think about reading this guide, they will usually look out for others’ reviews before purchasing this book. Now, see the following image. In this image, I can see the review of this book which includes a brief summary, customers reviews, and ratings.

What Is Review Plugin Used For and What Are the Benefits of Using WordPress Review PluginsSimilarly, you can review your website’s products to make your review blogs more attractive to users. In turn, this helps you provide detailed information about your product in a unique way.

And all this can be possible through WordPress review plugins. When it comes to reviewing a product in your business, using a product review plugin can help you to fetch all the reviews and recommendations.

Review plugins make it easy for the editors to display each product review, and customers find it easy to share their thoughts and give ratings to specific products.

What Are the Benefits of Using WordPress Review Plugins?

Though you can display review boxes on your website through coding, it will be really time-consuming as well as challenging to implement. Also, there are chances to make mistakes. So if you are a beginner or a non-coder, then nothing else can work for you as effectively as a review plugin.

Also, there are some basic features that customers always look out for, when reading any product reviews or giving reviews to any products. And you can have all these on your site with a product review plugin.

For example, you can let your customers submit their own reviews, and additionally, you can also display an engaging product review to your site. There are many more advantages of using review plugin for your WordPress site, so let’s have a look at them-

  • Review plugins ensure a user-friendly interface with non-complex components.
  • Make it really easy and convenient to collect, manage, and format things in less time with effectiveness.
  • Provides attractive and professional-looking review boxes on your web pages.
  • Make your site more engaging and interactive to the users.
  • Boost ranking and increase the chances of a customer choosing your site over your competitors.
  • Also, with review plugins, you can have several SEO advantages like improved traffic, CTR, and decreased bounce rate.

10 Best WordPress Review Plugin For Editor & Customer

10 Best WordPress Review Plugin For Editor & CustomerReviews actually act as free advertising for your website’s products. They also work as social proof to make your site look authentic to the users. This way, you can help your new buyers to make purchase decisions easily and quickly.

Also, having product reviews on the website will help to spread the word for your brand. However, this can only be possible with the help of the best WordPress review plugin.

That being said, let’s take a look at the 10 best WordPress review plugin for editor & customer that you can use for your site.

  1. WordPress Review Plugin For Editor & Customers
  2. WP Customer Reviews
  3. WP Review
  4. Let’s Review
  5. Ultimate Reviews
  6. Reviewer
  7. Taqyeem
  8. Ratings and Reviews
  9. WP Ultimate Reviews
  10. Rich Reviews

So, let’s find out how all these plugins work, along with their features and costs.

1. WordPress Review Plugin For Editor & Customers

best review plugin - WordPress Review Plugin For Editor & CustomersThe WordPress Review Plugin For Editor & Customers by WPQode is my top best solution for you. It is one of the most convenient yet powerful and easy-to-use plugins that you can have right now.

Aside from helping you add reviews and ratings to your own products, this amazing plugin also helps you collect customer review ratings and recommendations.

When it comes to adding your own product review, this all-in-one solution can help you show product summary features with their ratings, pros, cons, etc. In fact, the best part of this plugin is it allows adding an affiliate button into the review box.

Similarly, by using this plugin, you can make the journey of review submission easier for your customers. All in all, it is a fully functional and customizable plugin that will give you full freedom to add an attractive look to your product and customer review pages.

So, if you are looking to make your web pages and customer review pages stand out from your competitors, the WordPress Review Plugin For Editor & Customers is a must-have plugin for you.

WordPress Review Plugin For Editor & Customers Feature

  • Shares a total score calculation of products.
  • You can add an editorial rating widget on the sidebar as a sticky
  • Schema markup supported.
  • Shortcodes are available to insert reviews and customer review forms anywhere on pages or posts.
  • Compatible with all the latest themes, plugins, and editors.
  • Customers can add images, start ratings, recommendations while submitting a product review.
  • Allows customers to give thumbs up and down to other customer reviews.
  • Fully customizable to help add your own custom review box.
  • Super fast and lightweight plugin.
  • WP Multisite and multi-user compatible.

Pricing and Packages

WordPress Review Plugin For Editor & Customer is available at WordPress.org for absolutely free. However, the pro version comes with some advanced features and functionalities. So, if you want to access all those features, you can subscribe to the paid version and make the most out of them.

So, these are the plans that this plugin offers considering the client’s need –

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Agency

2. WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer review by Aaron QueenAnother plugin in my list is the WP Customer review by Aaron Queen. As the name implies, you can add simple and beautiful review forms on your site to allow customers to put reviews with this plugin. In addition, with this plugin, you can also add product reviews to your website.

It is an easy and fast solution to collect, moderate, and publish customer reviews. When customers place their reviews on the review form, you can see the reviews from your dashboard and make them publish, or if you want you can keep them private also.

Moreover, this plugin is compatible to use on multisite and multi-user. In fact, it can be used on several pages and posts without any restrictions. If you want to ensure pleasing your viewers and search engine crawlers at the same time, this plugin can help you the most with its speed-optimized and user-friendly features.

WP Customer Reviews Features

  • You can choose reviews to publish.
  • Able to measure multi-spam to prevent automated spambot.
  • Completely customizable to add your own custom fields.
  • SEO-friendly and speed optimized.
  • Includes star rating images.

Pricing and Packages

A free-to-use plugin.

3. WP Review

wordpress review plugin - full-fledged free pluginIf you are interested in building interactions between you and your customers through product reviews and ratings, this plugin will come in handy for your site.

MyThemeShop has designed a full-fledged free plugin called the WordPress review plugin to use product reviews on your site with ratings, structured data, shortcodes, affiliate buttons, even user comments and ratings.

With this plugin, you can create high converting information-packed product reviews, which helps your customer become your potential lead and make a purchase.

WP Review Features

  • Multiple types of ratings like stars, points, and percentage ratings.
  • Visitors can rate your products while submitting their own reviews.
  • Supported by a total of 19 types of schema.
  • Shortcode enabled, which allows inserting a review box anywhere on the page.
  • There are two different templates to choose from.
  • Works perfectly with the caching plugin and all the latest WordPress themes.

Pricing and Packages

WP Review plugin is absolutely free to use, but it includes limited features. It has a pro version with all the advanced features and advantages. The pro version comes in $67.

4. Let’s Review

Let’s Review - a premium WordPress review and rating pluginLet’s Review is a premium WordPress review and rating plugin developed by codetipi. It is one of the best-selling, feature-rich, and top-rated review plugins on my list that can help you to add beautiful customer review forms, product reviews, and ratings to your posts and pages.

If you want to add beautiful, SEO-friendly, professional-looking, and comprehensive review boxes with valid JSON-LD schema, and customer review forms on your website, this responsive plugin is for you.

This plugin is designed with a logical and professionally designed back-end system, which makes it powerful yet really easy to use. The drag and drop features of it make adding unlimited criteria, pros, and cons to your product review box really convenient.

Apart from these, when it comes to getting customer reviews, this plugin helps you to add an elegant integration into your WordPress comments system. This way, visitors, or customers, can submit their own reviews and ratings.

Let’s Review’s Features

  • Have multiple rating formats like Percentage, points, stars, custom icon, and image file.
  • Includes highly customized options for color, design, animation type, skin color style, criteria, and many more.
  • Allows adding unlimited Criteria, Negatives, Positives, and Affiliate Buttons to the review box.
  • The powerful widgets have several options to choose from.
  • Translatable, RTL compatible, and inbuilt gallery options
  • Retina and Gutenberg ready.
  • Thumbs up/down feature for visitor comment reviews.
  • Review boxes with schema markup ready for getting rich snippets.

Pricing and Packages

Though this plugin is considered as an all-in-one and fully-featured plugin for WordPress, it comes in really cost-effective. At only $29, you can access all its amazing features and make the most out of your product and custom reviews.

Here are all its different pricing plans-

  • Regular (6 months support) — $29
  • Regular (12 months support) — $38
  • Extended (6 months support) — $375
  • Extended (12 months support) — $506.25

5. Ultimate Reviews

Ultimate Reviews - best free review pluginUltimate Reviews is a free review plugin that will allow you to display your own product review and a form in which your customers will submit their reviews on your site. You can do this using two different shortcodes using this plugin.

To make this plugin more powerful, it is integrated with the Ultimate Product Catalog plugin and includes Gutenberg blocks for displaying your own product reviews and customer review form.

Besides that, while submitting any product review, your users can also upload videos with the review. In fact, with this, you will be able to flag reviews as inappropriate.

Ultimate Reviews Features

  • Allows displaying a review box for either one product or all products.
  • It has rating systems like points and percentages.
  • Uses custom CSS files to provide flexible styling.
  • Customers can upload images, videos, and comments to submit a product review.
  • Give options to choose or allow comments and reviews.
  • You will be able to flag inappropriate reviews.

Pricing and Packages

You can use the ultimate reviews WordPress plugin absolutely free with its limited features. But, if you have a WooCommerce site, you can check out its premium version as it is integrated with the WooCommerce product reviews.

However, the premium version starts at $47 for a single site, $127 for 5 sites, and $197 for 10 sites.

6. Reviewer

reviewer - premium and reasonably popular review pluginAnother premium and reasonably popular review plugin on my list is Reviewer. Whether you are looking to create a recap box for your review post or a powerful user reviews system, this plugin can be one of the quickest and easiest ways.

With its flexible structure, you can create any type of review box for your products without requiring any coding and with no limits. Similarly, in your created review forms, users, and visitors can leave their valuable reviews.

Not only these, but it also provides different customizable themes to match your website design and needs. However, you can even set the review criteria, score range, colors, labels, font size, icons, and other options for every template provided by this plugin.

Reviewer’s Features

  • Provides unlimited templates, review boxes per post, criteria per review, comparison tables.
  • Create powerful and gorgeous review boxes or comparison tables.
  • Allows collecting visitors’ names and emails.
  • Users can upload their product images.
  • Provides shortcodes for review boxes, tables, and lists of boxes.
  • Several rating modes such as 5 Stars, Bars, Single Criteria.
  • It has different Review Boxes Widgets, including sorting modes.
  • Display reviews boxes and user reviews specifically sorted inside the review box.

Pricing and Packages

It doesn’t have any free version. You need to purchase a license for a specific duration to use this plugin. So, let’s see all the packages of this plugin.

  • Regular (6 months support) — $29
  • Regular (12 months support) — $38
  • Extended (6 months support) — $195
  • Extended (12 months support) — $258.75

7. Taqyeem WordPress Review Plugin

Taqyeem WordPress Review Plugin -top-rated premium review and rating pluginsTaqyeem is one of the top-rated premium review and rating plugins that allows adding beautiful reviews and ratings to your posts, pages, and custom post types. Also, using this plugin, you can allow your users to rate your products.

With its unlimited customization options, you can ensure matching the review box with your website and even branding by changing its colors, typography, criteria, and rating system.

Using this plugin, you can choose from different review styles, like-

  • Stars
  • Points
  • Percentages

It is integrated with schema markup, so it doesn’t matter whether you are creating a review post, custom review post, or page-type product review; this plugin will automatically implement schema markup. This ultimately helps you to get a rich snippet in the SERP.

Taqyeem’s Features

  • Offers unlimited color, criteria customization, 500+ Google Web Fonts, and typography options.
  • Incorporated with RTL and Po and mo files for localization support.
  • Allows your customers to rate your products.
  • 3 review widgets — Best, Recent & rand.
  • You can use multiple options for the rating image.

Pricing and Packages

This useful plugin offers unlimited customization options and advanced features only at $29. However, it has other plans also, and here they are-

  • Regular (6 months support) — $29
  • Regular (12 months support) — $38
  • Extended (6 months support) — $299
  • Extended (12 months support) — $401.75

8. Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews - easiest ratings and reviews pluginOne of the easiest plugins is ratings and reviews, which you can work with.  It is a perfect plugin that can conveniently add reviews and ratings on your website’s posts and works with WooCommerce products also.

Using this plugin, you can display all required information and elements to make your review page more useful. For example, it helps include-

  • A list of reviews of your products,
  • A review button to make the review monetization,
  • A submission form so that your users can submit their reviews, and
  • Stars or other rating formats.

And to implement these, all you need to do is select the post type, and this plugin will do the rest from displaying the required information to elements on the page.

Not only these, but you can also boost your review page by adding a “vote up and down” option and displaying your product images as a gallery slider with an option of autorotation.

Ratings & Reviews’ Features

  • It allows sorting reviews by average ratings, post, date, and many more.
  • You can set up a single rating or multi-ratings to review your products.
  • Allows adding a number of images using the gallery slider.
  • Helps customize the image gallery by changing the gallery width and height as your accordance.
  • Modify the template files and custom CSS styles using the template system.
  • Compatible with StoreFront WC theme.
  • Users can select reviews to display on the website.
  • You can manage user profiles, limit the number of reviews, edit or delete the reviews.

Pricing and Packages

The package starts at $20 for a 6 months license. You can also extend the period with the following packages.

  • Regular (6 months support) — $20
  • Regular (12 months support) — $25.63
  • Extended (6 months support) — $100
  • Extended (12 months support) — $128.13

9. WP Ultimate Review

WP Ultimate Review - best for adding own product reviews and add customer reviews and ratingsJust like all other plugins in my list, this effective plugin also allows you to post your own product reviews and add customer reviews and ratings to your site in a more user-friendly way. It helps make the review boxes more readable to the users.

If you want to include more details in your product review box, you can use this plugin’s additional customization options. It is pretty simple to add the features and their ratings, a short summary, and give a total rating of your product.

In fact, you can set product reviews globally right from the administrator’s end, and your users can also review your products by themselves in your posts. You can accept and even edit your customer’s review.

WP Ultimate Review’s Features

  • Helps you to monetize your post by adding an affiliate button in your product review box.
  • You will have full control to accept, manage, or even edit the customer reviews.
  • Adds 4 rating styles, for example, star, percents, point, and pie chart.
  • Available additional review fields, like value, appearance, quality, etc.
  • If needed, you can set the maximum score for the product rating.

Pricing and Packages

It is a free plugin.

10. Rich Reviews

Rich Reviews - WordPress plugin for adding reviews and ratingsThe last plugin of my list which is worth checking out is the Rich reviews WordPress plugin by starfish reviews for adding reviews and ratings on your website. It works with shortcodes to display reviews and ratings anywhere on your site’s posts and pages.

Apart from this, it empowers your website by capturing user reviews, ratings, and testimonials. By assembling all of these, you can showcase them on your website’s page or posts to boost your user engagement.

With its straightforward management system, it will be really easy for you to choose the reviews you want to showcase on your site. In fact, you can place the box anywhere in your post, page, sidebar, footer, or widgets on your site as this plugin comes with built-in shortcodes.

Rich Reviews Features

  • Very lightweight and uses efficient codes that don’t compromise with the site speed.
  • Supports 3 different types of reviews like reviews per page or post, per category, and global reviews.
  • Compatible with the latest themes and blends with them nicely.
  • To provide ease in customization, it includes an external stylesheet.
  • Supports schema markup.

Pricing and Packages

It is a free plugin.

What Makes a WordPress Review Plugin Best?

The best WordPress review plugin must have some essential features, and you must consider these requirements when choosing. So, here are the basic requirements that will help you get a good plugin.

  • The plugin you choose must be easy to manage.
  • It should be SEO-friendly and user-friendly.
  • While choosing a review plugin, always keep in mind that it should be compatible with all the latest WordPress versions, PHP, theme, and other plugins.
  • If the plugin is able to integrate with third parties, it would be great as you can utilize even powerful and additional benefits.
  • The plugin should be supported by shortcode as it is one of the easiest ways to add forms, images, ratings, sliders, and more.
  • The more customization options a plugin has, the more useful it would be to use.
  • It should include multiple templates and layouts so that you can get the most suitable one for your product.
  • To define a good plugin having good features is not enough. It should provide good customer support also; therefore, make sure the plugin comes in a good support system.

What’s the Best WordPress Review Plugin?

Despite being very profitable and effective, a WordPress review plugin is often considered underrated. But the truth is, with the review plugin, you can make your website more innovative and boost your income.

Whether you are reviewing a product yourself or collecting customer reviews for your own products, this list of the 10 best WordPress review plugin for editor & customer is enough to get your job done correctly.

So, choose the right review plugin that will suit your website and meet your requirements and budget.

Before going, don’t forget to share your thoughts about these WordPress review plugins with us. Also, you can freely ask if you have any questions about using these plugins? Simply leave a comment and let us know.

NazmulTechnical SEO Analyst at - GiantMarketers

I'm Nazmul. I work as a Technical SEO Analyst at Giant Marketers, helping clients with all things related to technical SEO and the latest developments in search. My interest in the technical side of SEO was sparked early on in my digital marketing career, and has increased with each project I've worked on - both agency-side and now within SEO Tools.

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