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Grow your business at scale Using our tailored WordPress Plugins.

Build a website with unique functionalities that your business needs to serve at its best. We’re here to develop plugins for your WordPress website with solutions to the exact problems of your customers and visitors.

Why Choose Us

If you’re looking for veteran WordPress plugin developers, WPQode is your best shot. Here are why we can be your best impact maker:

WP Coding standards

Keeping the codes compliant with WP coding standards and highly organized is where we thrive. You’re getting the coding best practices to seamlessly blend in for further customization.

Easy UI and advance Settings

We understand that not everyone is a programmer, so we provide an understandable, easy accessible UI with advanced settings and extensive shortcodes for easy and complete control.

Extensive Documentation

As we care about you being able to get the most out of our products, we provide rich product documentations. We keep it up to date as we update our products with the latest standards.

Free Support

Apart from an extensive FAQ section, we also provide free support for every product. With our real time user support, no issue will go untouched because we do care about you.

Refund Policy

With our premium plugins, you get to choose if the tool helps you solve the problems you have. If it doesn’t meet your goals, we’re ready to comply with further assistance, even with a refund.

Frequent Updates

Keeping the products up to date with the latest WordPress standards is our specialty. Besides, we’re all ears to hear you out and add new features as per your needs without charging more.

Our Services for Your Business

We’re a bunch of vetted developers who’re dedicated to providing top-notch digital products and services. Here are the services we expert at:

Web Design

If you need a website to outdo your competitors by every means with a great UI, we provide just that. Don’t take our words for it, go ahead and see how we already did it!

Theme Customization

WordPress themes are great to cut both time and costs by a hefty amount if customized well. Let us help you customize your theme and get the best out of it for good.

Plugin Development

Do you need a custom plugin to make your business boom? Let’s get things straight with a plugin, tailored specifically for your business, without putting weight to your site.

Bug Fixing

Bugs should have extra concerns from you because it’s where your business is at risk sometimes. Why not use our bug fixing and troubleshooting service to get things in order?

Website Maintenance

Maintaining a website can be a headache, especially if it’s a complex one. Well, that’s not true for vetted devs like us. Let us help you maintain your website while you make the fortune.


Sometimes, a knowledgeable consultancy is all you need to make the next big thing. Our website consultation service can help you take big decisions data-driven rather than blindfolded.

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